Let’s get things rolling

Alright, so we’ve been getting a few things in order while I’m getting my legs back to par. One thing that I’ve wanted to focus on other than sharing our adventures with words and photos is to make better videos for our YouTube channel. We use GoPro and sad to say GoPro Plus is a horrible solution and the GoPro Quick is just as bad however it’s currently our best option. We’re looking into a better software and in the near future maybe some Garmin cameras since GoPro support completely sucks and hasn’t responded in over 2 years.

So the other day I rode my bike to Cave Creek and it was wonderful, I did however pull a few muscles lol. I’m resting a day or two and then back on the bike for another long ride. I’m focusing a lot on the Arizona City Goal that we have. I’ve been knocking out one after another and hope to accomplish visiting every city in Arizona by bike before I’m dead. I also need to grab a new keyboard and mouse as my current ones are making it difficult to type.

So to help our community grow and to help reach the completion of our various projects, we rejoined Patreon and Ko-fi. We also have our own version of subscriptions options too which you may find here. We love to give perks to our epic supporters and with all of these alternatives it allows more perks while giving all kinds of cool features mixed a crossed the various platforms.

So today I’m going out to look at some possibilities for better videos, also some photography equipment. Annika and I are also working on planning some bikepacking and packrafting trips for the near future. Sunday starts the next bike ride, as our schedule has recently changed it has made my cycling schedule a bit off. This Sunday will hopefully start the rides off and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. The goal is to not only ride long distance, it’s to enjoy a long adventure each week and to be able to properly share it.

Alright, time to get things rolling, have an epic day and many thanks to our also supporters.

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