Gonna be adding some indoor cycling on Zwift to my bike riding time

So, I got some good news however it changes my schedule a bit. It looks like I’ll be back on Zwift a few days a week to add to my outdoor cycling. I’ve been offered a project and it will really help towards some of our big goals especially to have more bikes and better our gear. I did not want to put my road bike back on an indoor trainer though given this opportunity popping up it’ll be the only way to really get some good pedaling in during the week. If this opportunity goes well then I’ll step up my equipment for indoor on Zwift with a Tacx Neo T2 trainer. Currently, I use a Wahoo Kickr Snap and it does the trick though if a lot of my miles during the week need to be indoors then I’d prefer it be on a better trainer.

Many upsides to this life schedule change, it’ll allow for more income to go into bikepacking trips, packrafting, long-distance bike rides, and more. Annika, our son, and I have been planning some really big rides though life and of course the stupid in the world has one day at a time gotten in the way. We want to bikepack the Arizona Trail for maybe a 2 week period or as long as a month. We also plan on if there’s an option, to maybe do some packrafting around the Grand Canyon.

Now just because I will be back on Zwift, this does not mean that we will stream on Twitch again, and we most certainly will not be on Reddit. We haven’t the time for streaming at all and don’t see a foreseeable future in it either. Way too time consuming and besides our parents will not let us live on their couches lol.

At this point I’ll focus on setting up Zwift for the rest of the week and work on planning a big adventure cycling trip for the weekend.

I’ll post more shortly as I’m working on making sure updates are done here with what we’re planning while also working on updating our Patreon and our Ko-Fi pages. Have an epic day, more to come later on, many thanks for the support.

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