In think mode as the planet destroys itself from idiocy

Has anyone looked outside lately? Have you noticed it doesn’t look anything like the crap we all get fed on the local news or social media? Has any noticed that if a cricket farts in the middle of the day it turns into a social media hate crime? I sure cannot wait until this planet either completely destroys itself or this election ends so all of the fake stupid stops and the world can finally go back to living. The current things going on in our world by those in power should say how badly we should just kick everyone out of office and restaff it all from the ground up though the worst thing to really see from all of this is how we’ve became the Divided States of MeriKA. Now in no way am I here to talk about politics or religion, I’m merely saying everything is made out worse than it is to keep us all acting a part in it to keep it growing. Anyone can be upset with someone for doing something wrong to them, though anyone who blames and entire race for what a person does to them is a racist with no exceptions to any race. Yes they’res hateful people on this planet and yes all racist and hateful people of all race should be removed from the planet. Hate and ignorance are the problem, not anyone’s skin color.

Each day when we wake up to start our day we open all of our social media profiles to check in on things and it is so saddening to see the trends, it makes me sick to stomach to be considered a human being after what I see other humans doing; all in the name of what? This planet needs a purge very badly. There’s more bad people on this planet than good, and most of the bad people control everything. Voting anyone in office should mean that person should have never committed a crime of any kind, if any doubt they shouldn’t get a chance. If the goal is to not have crooks in office we need to fire them all right now and start over. Let’s be sensible, fire or get rid of all the bad people and stop taking it out on all of the persons on this planet who have nothing to do with it.

I hate posting anything to do with such a topic as we’re not the type of people to post a blog just because a topic is trending, to us that’s click bate crap. I just honestly think we all need to spend less time hurting one another and spend our time fixing the problems in the world. Hugs and have an epic day, be safe out there; so much stupid in the world right now.

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