It’s been an exhausting weekend, still fun times

Right before the weekend we placed an order for some custom silicone bands to send out to supporters, sad to say we had to cancel the order not too long afterward. I will write a full review on the business later when I get some time however I wanted to quickly mention why we canceled the order and get to the point of the fun weekend after a rough day or two.

We placed our order with 24HourWristBands which is also called NetBrands and; all of these companies are in the same building, are the same people and have all been indited by the Justice Department for various crimes. Before finalizing our order there was an option to add “100 Free” wrist bands to our order and of course I ticked the box to add them, the price was $105.00 total. After filling everything and and then adding payment to pay for this bill we immediately got a receipt in our inbox for $126.00. We reached out to the company to inquire as to where’d the extra charges come from and why the charges after agreeing to amount of $105? Their response was that the Free 100 wristbands cost a $15.00 handling fee, so I replied with a simple, okay thanks. The next morning I received a message stating that the artwork for the silicone bands was too detailed and they couldn’t put it on the bands, so I said okay just do the text and make sure the artwork is on the custom printed bags that we ordered. A few hours later I received another message saying that the artwork won’t work on the custom printed bags so I said not to worry we will just cancel the order since what we wanted cannot be done. They replied with, orders cannot be canceled and they’res no refunds. After a lot of arguing and finding out a lot about how this company keeps scamming customers I found the owners name and many other details such as the legal issues that keep happening with these companies. They have a bad reputation for ripping people off and they also pay their way out of negative reviews with Yelp, Google Reviews, and TrustPilot. Yesterday they agreed to refund our money, whelp this morning they charged us again.

So yeah, a shitty company kept our entire weekend dealing with them and in the end they are still ripping us off. Now even while this nuttiness was going on we did do all we could to enjoy our weekend. We had a bit of family time to play Fortnite together, a few walks, jogs, and a bit of running. We took some much needed movie time to enjoy some new movies and some old movies. Times are certainly weird lately and finding things to keep our minds occupied during the chaos that’s going on in the world is very crucial.

We watched so many movies that I cannot even remember them all, lol. Annika has been riding her bike on Zwift the last couple of days also. Our son has been working out daily and enjoying living our here in Arizona with us. I’ve been daily getting my full sense of smell back since the surgery. A few times a week we’ve made it a point to swing by a local shop to support, we do wear masks everywhere we go. By wearing a mask everywhere, we’re protecting other people while also protecting ourselves.

So yeah we made the best of the weekend. I was planning to ride my bike this morning though my nose is a bit sore. Daily my ability to smell things is getting better and better though so many new smells have also made my nose hurt. We’ve had some fires not too far away and I can smell it on top of my son smokes cigarettes which really stinks, so many scents that I’m not used to smelly. I have my bike ready to go however after we took Pugsley out for his morning walk the air outside alone caused me to have nose bleeds, cannot wait for this to slow a bit; it’s just gonna take time to get used to everything. So since I’m not riding I figured I’d focus on some of the others things I need to get done today and go out in the morning well rested and hopefully with a less sore nose.

Alright gang, have an epic day and thanks for reading. It’s time to get a few things done, also plan where I’m cycling to tomorrow.

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