The US Postal System is failing us all

Over the years we’ve mailed standard postcards to our supporters along with other various goodies and during that time so many items have not made it to the recipient and a large portion of them have to date not been found. One of the biggest issues over this last year is mailing postcards out and finding them in our mailbox a day or two later as the postal worker didn’t mail them out he simply marked it and put it in our box. I’ve spoken to our postal carrier and he is amazing, the issue has been that they’re so short staffed that we have several mail carriers during each week that none of them seem to fully know what is going on from a day to day basis.

We stopped sending postcards due to 90% of them never getting to the recipient. We even went as far as buying custom envelopes to send them in with printed labels on them to eliminate any confusion, we did everything but deliver them ourselves and nope, nothing worked; it always ended up with the same response. One day we even went through a mailing service so that they packages packaged the postcards and/or packages and over a few days passing the mail that we sent would be in our mailbox mailed to us and not the recipient. This has happen over and over on the east coast and the west coast, so something is certainly broken with the US Postal Service. I’ve read that they need money that the US Postal Service is one of the largest bleeding out companies in the world. The US Postal Service loses billions of dollars every year while at the same time loses packages and cannot make deliveries properly. This leads me to the simple question of, why on Earth is this antique failing system still operating?

The most recent Postal Service issue had traced as far as the United Kingdom. I ordered a custom made product from the UK over a month ago and it is currently missing and no one can tell us anything. We can’t even find out if it made it to the United States? Now, I know that Covid-19 plays a big part in current events however it isn’t why the Postal Service has not only failed us but has cost the planet billions of dollars a year to not be able to do it’s function.

It’s time we as humans spend more time correcting issues in the world and stop investing is old broken functions. Physically printed magazines, newspapers, spam mail that makes it into your physical mailbox; stuff like this needs to stop. It’s wasteful on the worlds trees, every bit of it goes directly to the trashcan, and in the end it costs our countries to bail these companies out each year.

Okay, so yes, my review on the U.S. Postal Service as well as the global Postal Service; 1 out of 5 stars.

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US Postal Service Review
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Over the course of the last 12 plus years no matter what part of the country that we’ve lived it, we noticed that if you snail mail anything to anywhere they’res always an issue. More and more mail never received on the other end where it was sent to and even more mail that was mailed to someone ended up mailed right to our mail box the next day. The US Postal Service just cant get things right anymore and we need a working more dependable service around the globe.

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