Waiting to figure out my schedule

So yesterday I was reached out to at the last minute after my week was planned to assist on a project. At first I was asked to come on full long term and when I agreed I altered my life schedule by opting to ride on Zwift during the week and to focus on outside cycling on the weekends. Upon visiting where the new project would be taking place I was told that after I made the changes in my life to assist that this would now be temporary, I’m pretty much upset with agreeing to help at this point.

This morning instead of setting up my bike to ride on Zwift before heading out to meet up about this mornings project, I’m trying to think good thoughts and stay focused so that I don’t say no to the project for it’s misleading. Right now I think I’ll go there and see the real deal and decide from there if I’m going to be able to help with the project or not given the quick change. Here lately every time that I start getting on track with plans and goals it seems that something just tends to hop right in the way and it has gotten far beyond the breaking point with me.

Since I agreed to help with the project I will see it through however I don’t plan on helping them again after this. There is an upside with all of the ups and downs, this is summer and riding bikes outside in the summer in Arizona can get pretty exhausting. I’m just glad I didn’t subscribe to Zwift yet, today will tell me if I should go for it or if I should just figure out a good schedule to ride outside before or after the new project hours.

After I figure out what type of time I have in between this project and life I’ll be able to post when the next bike ride is, hopefully it’s tomorrow morning. With this project on my plate if it were to be long term I’d be spending a lot of time on Zwift during the week and pretty much riding 7 days a week. Not sure what time would be left to Save the World on Fortnite.

Alright gang, it’s time for some coffee, many hugs and thanks for the support.

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