Got some pulled muscles however life is good

Every day Annika and I walk, run, jog, or ride our bikes; we workout everyday even it only for an hour. We don’t track 90% of our running or walking on Strava or other apps, we simply enjoy the time together while getting some exercise. Annika and I average at a low 100-120 miles a month walking, running, and jogging. Typically we take Pugsley for a walk for anywhere between 1.5-3 miles every morning after our first cup of coffee. On any regular day for us, when the clock strikes 3am in our house we’ve already walked/ran 1.5-3 miles, cleaned our whole house, had our coffee, gotten a good workout, and I’m either headed out on my bike for a ride or working on a project as Annika had just finished her bike ride on Zwift. We love to stay active as a family.

Pugsley and Lilith (the munchkins) are doing very well. Daily Pugsley gets plenty of exercise and playtime, he is very spoiled; especially with us working from home. Lilith is so much more cuddly than she was and the two of them are very social pets.

Aside from our daily routine, as I’d mentioned I’d taken on another project which has modified my schedule a bit. I started yesterday and boy do I have some pains. I spent 9 hours yesterday after doing all of our normal daily stuff, filling containers with chemicals and labeling them. When I first started yesterday I pulled a muscle in my lower back, it’s a normal thing has I have a ton of back problems from a car wreck years ago. So now I need to get used to taking on 40-50 more hours a week on top of what we already do, and still be able to ride my bike everyday; it’ll take a few days for the pains to go away before I can get to that point.

So yes it was a rough painful night trying to sleep and hopefully by the weekend I should be able to pedal more. It the swelling goes down a bit maybe tomorrow morning will work out fine. Our day to day just keeps getting busier and busier, the upside is we will never be bored; just hope we can keep up; lol.

Short and sweet today gang, running a bit behind. Have an epic day everyone, time to get some breakfast, many hugs to our supporters.

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