Been getting some jogging in

This passed week we’ve been very busy with work and during that time we’ve done a bit of walking, running and jogging. I’ve enjoyed the different muscle usage and the different adventures. With the world currently shitting on itself until the election has come to an end, life is a bit impossible to completely make plans right now. We debate everyday as to when to break out the gear for “The Walking Dead” plan or to continue living the day to day as we wait for everything to fall apart. Ya know things are bad when someone defends their own property and it’s looked down on, what a joke of a country right now. Let’s get back to good things in life and less of the current stupidity in the planet right now.

So while we were out doing some running we passed the local art museum and for the first time I saw the statue above, such beautiful art, I had to take a few photos of it and share. Out of all of the times I’ve ridden my bike passed this place I’d not seen this statue until the other day.

A few days ago I was down in Tempe between 36th street and Broadway and decided that I’d run home to see if I could, so I did; and yes I made it. I got so sun burned during this run and it took me 3 hours however I did slow do this run slow and calmly as I’m not a great runner. When I made it home I past out for about 30 minutes from overheating, it was 105 degrees outside.

Now I was going to go for some adventure cycling this morning and had forgotten to charge all of my lights and get my gear ready so I will do so tomorrow. I was considering going to Cave Creek again as that was a very fun bike ride. I’m not sure where I’ll ride my bike to tomorrow, today I will look over some possibilities while I get some work done and prepare my gear for the ride.

Life is good as always, stress level is very low however always prepared for anything. We’ve gotten to enjoy a good bit of family time this week with some movies, tv shows and a fair amount of pc gaming. We’ve spent a lot of time with the munchkins as Pugsley and Lilith are daily doing much better and spending less time being assholes lol.

On another note, we did see a couple fireworks last night however not that many. I’ve saw memes of crazy fireworks however not seen as many as the lying media puts out. We cannot wait until the elections are over so that the Government and Media can stop stirring up bullshit for their own financial and political gains. On a darker note, why should we bother voting in new government given that our current governments can’t stop criminals who are looting, robbing people, attacking people, destroying private and public property, shooting each other; all in the name of what?

Hugs all, I had to mention the stupid in the world one last time. Maybe the only cure for stupid is higher punishments for such crimes like maybe death? Have an epic day everyone and be safe out there.

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