Got a ton of sun, dang sun burn

Today I got me a bit of extra rest due to the ton of sun that I’ve gotten over the last few days. When I ran the 8.8 miles the other day I didn’t realize that the reason my neck and the backs of my legs were burning were due to sun burn. I’ve not been this burned in years however it’ll be fine, I’m just very tired right now and the swimming yesterday added to that and all of the running and walking this week; my body just needed more rest.

I felt like the dog in the gif above though I also had a cat and a dog sleeping on me here and there lol. Now that I’m rested up, I do plan on going for a good bike ride tomorrow to enjoy some adventure cycling before the heat comes in. It’s been getting very warm lately.

This morning I did get some time to knock out a few things here on our website to add to the goodness. I will be focusing a bit on our Ko-fi and Patreon this week also. I’m considering putting in a sort of “Like or Not Like” system for everyone to decide which is item they like best for fun, maybe as I have more time I will focus on it. I debated forums however we have a Discord server. So back to the plan.

Tomorrow I am going to go for a nice bike ride, not too sure how long of a ride as lately things go better if I don’t plan then and just enjoy my time on my bike outside. I haven’t been able to find out any more about the fires on the BeeLine Highway lately so I’m not sure if I can ride up that way yet. So no actual route or destination planned for tomorrow, simply put, I’m going to ride my bicycle.

Alright, time to get more done for today. I’ll come back with some photos from the bike ride and maybe some videos for our YouTube channel, many hugs everything and thanks for the support.

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