Looks like the rest of the summer I’ll be on Zwift

It’s getting hotter and hotter out here, so hot that my feet have been cracking open and no matter how much lotion it’s worse and worse. Yesterday was quite a warm day as it reached 112 degrees by lunch time and just walking our dog to the closest shade for him to potty we were drenched in sweat. This morning at 2am we walked our dog as we do each day and it’s already very warm, so warm that we came back sweating. So today I am going to be focusing on preparing my gear for Zwift for the rest of the summer. I was hoping to be able to ride in the dark through the summer months however with all of the shootings going on lately and the higher number of just ignorant troublesome people out and about right now it’s better for them and myself to focus on pedaling indoors until it gets cooler. Besides, it’s hard to pedal a road bike with an ax in one hand.

I personally am not a huge fan of Zwift given the experience we’ve found in the community of Zwift with Twitch however since we will no longer stream anymore that means it’s ll finally be relaxing to pedal and enjoy our workouts without the headache of such a vile community.

My bike as many know its decked out with Garmin gear, I’d prepared for long distance cycling for the summer however the fall is much better. I’ve gotten everything for cycling in the Garmin store and so far everything works so perfectly. I do need to get a Tacx Neo T2 Smart trainer to finish off my gear list however right now I’m gonna be using my ole trusty Wahoo Kickr Snap. Since I’d left Zwift right before the summer I had disconnected everything and need to go through all of the sensors etc to get it all setup again.

There’s an upside to getting back on Zwift, it’s simple for me to pedal a lot of miles on Zwift since I have no reason to focus on steering my bike; I will just be pedaling. Maybe I can get back to doing the 120 mile per day rides through the summer? We will take it one day at a time and see how things go. I won’t be able to do much on Zwift until Monday of next week so the rest of this week I’ll be focusing on some Yoga, some running, and a bit of walking to work on other muscles.

Alright gang, time to do the thing. More to come later and many thanks to our epic supporters!

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  1. If you fancy switching the animated footage of Zwift for some real-life ride videos (still with the auto resistance changes of a virtual world) then you should give FulGaz a go. There’s hundreds of rides including some famous climbs and circuits. They offer a 14-day free trial.

    1. appreciate the tip, theres tons of Zwift copycats out there and we’re aware of them . I didnt stop Zwift because of how Zwift functions I stopped due to the ignorance we found when it comes to insta-pro’s on Twitch. Zwift is a fair platform for what it does, yes their support sucks and most bugs never get fixed. Hugs my friend, sorry for the late reply i was sleep.

      1. Yep, but most of the Zwift alternatives are poor quality. FulGaz is pretty damn good (but not as “social” or interactive with others). They held the Race Across America ultra endurance event on there last month as the real one was cancelled.

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