Monday starts our life goal of getting back in shape

In the beginning of this year we were on track like we are typically always on and then once again our son came back to live with us again and things changed a bit. The last time he came out things went very badly however this time has been going pretty well. We as a family have had to take a lot of time working on other things and pushing cycling, working out, and generally everything Annika and I enjoy doing as last on our list of things to do. Every plan has had to get altered and now that things have gotten settled down and all is going well the heat has kicked in.

Yesterday we sat down as a family and made our fitness goals, ZMan (our son) wants to work on more weigh lifting and gaining weight, Annika and I want to lose a little weight while getting back up to long hours in the saddle again cycling. We all love to run, walk, and hike, so we plan on doing these items on the cooler days. When our son got here we changed our eating habits due to making sure things were in the cabinets that he enjoyed while we all as a family could have good meals however it bumped us off of our Keto diet and we’ve been paying for it every since. I’ve been averaging about 170 pounds again and typically my stomach hurts all the time due to the foods we have been eating, more sugars and carbs, all of which do not do me well at all. As of yesterday Annika and I are going back to Keto and ZMan is going to focus on using MyFitnessPal to help him pick out his meals per day. We’re gonna work together as a family to help one another keep on target with what we’re all trying to do; it’s gonna be epic.

Now, on Monday I will be back to cycling on Zwift for a few weeks, the rest of the summer. Sunday I will be setting up my bike and doing test to make sure all works well. Each day I will focus on progressing as I work toward getting myself in shape and back to the way I was before. When the fall kicks in, we will focus on more travel by bike, long distance cycling trips and tons of hiking.

Alright so there’s the update, more to come later as we have a lot to do today. Life is good and we wish good things to you all, many thanks to our Site Subscribers for the support.

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