First day back on Zwift went well, let’s start pedaling more

This morning went well even as I only had about two hours of sleep before my morning workout; I did get everything done that I was wanting to. 20 miles cycling through Zwift indoor workout, almost 9k steps at this moment, 50 curls plus other arm workouts with weight, and 50 push-ups for today. Tomorrow I will be back on Zwift for between 30-40 miles to get the Strava week started. I do aim to run at least a 5k sometime tomorrow along with all of the listed exercises that I’ve done today with weights.

Monday thru Sunday I am planning to attempt to pedal on Zwift 250 miles, hopefully I can maintain that amount each week for the summer, maybe a bit more here and there. I’m not a fan of adding the wear and tear to my bike using it on a trainer however the heat outside is just a bit warm and pointless to be outside in it as long as I’d like to be out cycling.

So today’s workout was good and I’m already looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. Have an epic day, I’ll write more sometime tomorrow after all of the workouts are done. Huge thanks to our supporters.

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