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Today has already began for us however I wanted to take a moment to prepare this part of our website in between sets. Today is Day 1 of our Fitness Blog. This means day one of it starting as an everyday routine from this point. It’s been difficult to really get going this year since our son moved in with us again however things have settled a bit so that we can finally get back to focusing on what we are doing in life with less the interference.

For this first day of our Fitness Blog we started it with 3k plus steps with an early morning walk with Pugsley. This has been an almost everyday thing for a while now however it is part of our morning fitness. Also we get a little workout in everyday and have all year though not like we’d like’d to have been doing. Given the temperatures right now here in Arizona we’re doing our cycling indoors on Zwift, Annika does hers almost every morning. I am back on Zwift as of today for the rest of the summer.

Today’s workouts will be a combination of dumbbell weight training, a minimal of 20 miles on Zwift for some morning cycling, then of course some standard exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and if there’s time today a little bit of yoga. With dumbbell weight training I have rep sets that I tend to work with which are in sets of 25 per arm which range from curls, reverse curls, with a few overhead lifts also. I’m not certain all of the proper names for lifting and curls though either way it’s getting done. Push-ups and sit-ups I like to do in sets of 25. A few sets of each workout everyday will do perfectly in a basic daily morning routine.

Last night I didn’t get much sleep as Pugsley and Lilith were a bit restless so today I will grab a nap for a few hours before I get started on my cycling on Zwift, as of tomorrow my weekly goal will be 250 miles Monday thru Sunday. We do plan on grabbing at least a 3k of running in each day whether we get to track it as a run or not. Hopefully I can get to the weight bench also each morning depending on temperatures since it is on our patio versus it used to be indoors.

So that’s the basics of today’s plan for Day 1 of our fitness blog, Annika is currently pedaling on Zwift and has a weekly goal of 100 miles on her bike. When we do get to the cooler months in the Fall we will be back to doing a ton of hiking. Also note, everyday there will be a post here on our site to give some sort of update on how the Fitness Daily Goal is going.

Alright gang, it’s time to get some more weights and exercises in. Have an epic day and many thanks for the support. On another epic note, I’m about $58 buck away from my goal for helping to Fight Kids’ Cancer! Check out my profile by clicking here to see the updates.

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