Fitness Blog – Day 2 | Keto, Zwift, Yoga, and running

It’s officially day 2 of our Fitness Blog and so far so good. We’re back on track with our Keto diet and my belly already feels much better, we’re also back to 99% water for our liquid intake as I’ve had absolutely no sodas since this started. Maybe we should make our Keto pizza this week?

Yesterday was a basic start up on Zwift to get my legs spinning on Zwift while I set everything up again. Now that I’m using all Garmin sensors it was simple to setup, everything just connected versus like before when I had to continue to reconnect items during rides.

This morning has already started as Annika is currently on Zwift getting her morning bike ride in, and we have already took Pugsley for his almost 3500 step walk. Now it’s time for me to do a little bit of work before setting up my bike for some morning indoor cycling on Zwift. I feel great from all of the standard exercises from yesterday and the weight training which will also be in part of today’s workout. The plan today also includes a bit of Yoga to get some stretches in before and maybe after cycling.

Time to set up the mat and get a bit of stretching in, followed by some weight training and some push-ups. Thank you for following along with our Fitness Blog and we hope you’re enjoying what we’re doing. Have an epic day and we will share more content later.

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