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Yesterday was a good workout and it made me very tired, haha. Yesterday started with almost no sleep as I’ve not been able to sleep much the last few days just like last night also. I started the morning with some weight training, stretches, and some push-ups. Once I’d completed all of my reps with weight training and push-ups I took a power nap so that I could function enough to get on Zwift for some morning cycling. Even after my nap I was falling asleep mentally all day though I still enjoyed 32ish miles on Zwift.

Given that I was exhausted yesterday I decided that it would be better to ride a few tracks on Zwift to get a nice mix of climbing and flat tracks. The first bike ride had a fair amount of flat however I pushed a lot during the ride as you can see a lot of red in the photos at the bottom of the screenshots, you can also see my Strava for actual stats. On the second track I did a fair mix of climbing with some epic downhill spots to enjoy, it was quite nice. Then on the 3 track it was sort of a recovery ride whereas I didn’t push real hard I just rode my bike at an average pace and enjoyed it.

So yes, yesterday’s workouts went very well given the facts that I was exhausted and extremely stressed out with a few things at home. Today I’m going on yet about 1.5-3 hours of sleep again due to some of the same issues that I’m stressed about so I’ll do what I can to smile through today as I focus on the workout plan for now. The plan is since we’ve already done our first run with Pugsley this morning and Annika has just finished her Zwift indoor bike ride; once I’ve gotten a few things done around here I’ll start with weight training. Yesterdays resp for weight training were 6 sets of 50 and push-ups were 6 sets of 15. I did get the chance to work with our rubber band workout system also, it was fun; I’ll more than likely throw it in the mix each day too. So yes, next thing for me today will be weight training and maybe a nap before going onto Zwift for 30-40 miles of cycling.

Alright gang, more to come later this is just the morning update on our Fitness Blog. Have an epic day and many thanks to our supporters.

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  1. Good for you for biking that many miles! I’m impressed! As for working out, our gyms still are not open and my PT I’ve not been able to do since March. Believe me, it is very difficult to mimic the effects of the machines I need to keep strong and fit. I too bike but not nearly as much as you. My muscles are not as strong as they could be if I could do my workouts at my gym. Good to know someone is able to choose exercising to remain fit and healthy.

    1. thanks my friend. we used to cycle a lot however our son moved in with us last year and pretty much messed everything up until he got kicked out and once we started getting back to cycling again he came back to move in this year and started out very nice however its now going right back to a repeat of last year. i hope to get back to cycling the way we were as I miss riding long distance and enjoying it, now days i can ride a little and hope that when im done or during the ride that crap doesnt hit the fan. Hugs my friend, have an epic day and be safe out there.

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