Fitness Blog – Day 4 | weight training, running, walking

Alright so we’re on day 4 of our Fitness Blog, let me sum up yesterdays workout before we go over today’s plan.

Yesterday was on point right off the bat. Our normal run with our dog in the early morning followed by Annika on Zwift while I did weight training and then I focused on push-ups and more weight training. My goal after that was to take a nap and then setup for my morning cycling when all of a sudden I notice Annika was not able to work. Annika’s water tipped over and spilled onto her keyboard during work so I immediately tore down my computer and gave her my keyboard which shut down the rest of my day which included being able to Zwift, shit happens; lol. So I didn’t get to ride my bike though I did get a great workout no matter. My upper-body workout went well, a bit too well as once again I have a pulled muscle in my lower back again which kept me up all night in pain.

So we made the best of yesterday and now we’re here for today’s workout. To start today we had an extra long run with Pugsley which was very nice. When we came back for Annika to setup on Zwift for her morning bike ride, Zwift failed. Zwift is glitching out disconnecting with the trainer, screen freezing up with no movement, you name it. So Annika can’t get her bike ride in today and this just adds to the second reason that I won’t be able to cycle today. Issues like this with Zwift are some of the top reasons that I’ve left Zwift so many times as their support sucks.

Today will be weight training, running, walking and some great mixes of upper and lower body exercises. We have the rubber band workout kit which is great for strengthening and toning, I’ll definitely be using it a bit today. Making the best of time and functioning equipment is the goal while getting through yet another day of our fitness goal.

So that’s the update and plan for today, many thanks to our supporters. Thanks for reading, more to come later on, have an epic day.

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