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So I wasn’t able to post an update everyday over the last few days due to some very stressful headaches that seems to keep continuing. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog and are aware of last year and how bad things were when we had visitors? Now that we have a visitor again things are off and on the same as last year, every day can turn into a full blown nightmare a few times a day. Now outside of the idiocy that we’ve been dealing with to help teach someone how to stand on their own two feet, we have done the best with the situation and continued to work on our life goals with the time we have in between the stress and headaches.

Cycling for me has been null due to a derailleur cable, it’s been on the schedule with the bike shop for over a week; It should be fixed by Monday next week. Annika has jumped on Zwift for some indoor cycling depending on her schedule and has also continued to run and workout each day. We’ve been doing more basic exercises with some stretching to allow for better cycling muscles when we return full time to our bike riding. We’re also doing yoga, running, walking, and a bit of weight training while we both work on our nutrition.

Running, we’re averaging about 40 miles a week each; we have just not been tracking it. We did go through some settings on our Strava and Garmin to allow us to track more of our running without any privacy concerns. From here on out we will have more tracked running displaying on our Strava and Garmin. Annika and I are debating on adding Peloton back to the mix however until we have our house back to ourselves we’re a bit limited as we are with life also.

I’ve taken on some external tasks outside of the office here and there to make some extra cash here and there to go into cycling equipment. I have a few bikepacking bags that I’m still needing to get and just the other day my phone mount arrived; woohoo it’s awesome. I bought a Ram-Mount for my iPhone so that it locks onto my bike without any concerns of it falling off. I also have a Ram-Mount for my Spot GPS tracker which works perfectly. We did recently pick up a tent and we’re going over our current equipment lists to see what else we need so that we can plan a few week bikepacking trip for the fall or winter.

So that’s the basic update for the last few days, more to come later as we have a lot of things going on while we try and eliminate the daily headaches and stress with hopes that one day it either stops or is no longer in our home. Hugs all and many thanks for the support from our Site-Subscribers.

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