Yesterday was the best – yoga, running, weight training

This morning waking feels great however I’m so sore, haha. Yesterday was a completely wonderful day, literally all day til the day ended it was great. The morning started with a 3 miles run with Annika and Pugsley and once that was over I started doing my reps with weights, curls, push-ups, sit-ups, and a few other exercises. Once I had finished all of my reps with weight training and standard fitness workout I began some yoga. Almost 20 minutes of yoga later and I went right out the door for another 3 mile run/jog. After my second jog, I came home to get cleaned up so that I could assist a neighbor with a new window install in their home. The install went perfect as we took our time with a great conversation to be completed and cleaned up before 2 hours passed. During this time we also measured another window that they want to take care of which I also accepted to ti help them with it.

Once I had completed with my neighbors window I immediately did my rounds to check on a few of our neighbors that are disabled. Everyday I make it a habit to make sure all of those neighbors don’t go without anything. From afternoon snacks to just spending some time as a friends, I enjoy knowing the people we keep a check on. Once I’d made my rounds it was back to work as I made sure all of the house things were done as I went through my code checklist to make sure all was completed for the day. I then touched base with my buddy Jeff to see if he wanted to go for a bike ride with me this morning, after some persuading he said yes; woohoo.

It’s been a bit since I’d ridden with Jeff since this Covid crap started, we’ve lost several friends due to it. Finished up on the phone with Jeff and I began to setup my bike for today’s bike ride. Now my derailleur cable isn’t doing so hot however it should be fine for a short ride today given that it isn’t gonna be so hot. Hopefully we get to do between 15-30 miles, either way I’ll be happy to ride my bike with my friend.

Once my derailleur cable gets fixed I will be catching a ride as often as I can whether be indoors or out. I’m preparing my muscles to ride for Kids’ Cancer in September.

So far I’m less than $50 bucks away from completing my goal and the miles don’t count until September 1st, I’m gonna slaughter that 1000 mile goal.

Alright gang, it’s that time. I’ll write more tomorrow as It’s time to get my bike ready for some adventure cycling, have an epic day and many thanks to our supporters.

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      1. e have a friend that is a paramedic and for Halloween he turns his entire house into a haunted house for everyone to come and enjoy. Annika and I get to be scarer’s inside so we pick some fun realistic stuff 🙂

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