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Alright so let’s go over Day 10 of our fitness blog which was July 21st, 2020; Tuesday. Tuesday turned out to be another wonderful day that started with a simple 3 mile run with Annika and Pugsley and afterward, a fun adventure cycling bike ride with my friend Jeff.

Now before my bike ride that morning the sky seemed as it were gonna rain and I was very excited. I ran my 3 miles and then got everything done around my home including laundry, my whole house was cleaned before I pulled my bike out which was pretty nice. I began pedaling towards Jeff’s place a little early so that I could get my legs moving, I was a little sore from all of the running, stretching, yoga, and other workouts the day before. When I linked up with Jeff we had a blast, we had no plans of direction, we simply pedaled along and enjoyed our friendship.

We rode our bikes toward Tempe Town Lake and the weather was quite nice, not too hot and not cold. When we reached Tempe Town Lake we saw a building that we hadn’t saw before, it’d been a long time since we’d ridden to the area, especially using bike paths versus riding on the roads. We ventured forward into the new builds area and found a nice pitch climb into a newly built parking garage, I immediately wanted to climb it so we both did. We pedaled to the top of the 7 floor structure where the workers were finishing up the top couple levels as they waved us through smiling.

Top of the 7th level of the parking garage.

If you watch the YouTube video above you can see a bit more of the structure, we had a blast with the climbing and the downhill.

Now I didn’t get a lot of time to take many pictures during this bike ride but it was a very enjoyable ride. I am looking into a camera to purchase so that I can take better photos during long trips, fingers crossed.

Yesterday was awesome, I came home and passed out quite easily as all of the workouts are certainly wearing me down quicker and quicker. After a fair nap with “the munchkins” which slept right beside me, I was rested fair enough to get through the rest of the day. Annika and I made the best of our day and got a good night sleep so that we could start it all again this morning.

Day 11 of our Fitness Blog, July 22nd, 2020; Wednesday (today). This morning started out with a 3 mile run with Annika and Pugsley and immediately once we finished the 3 mile run, I went inside for some weight training followed by some yoga. The strength training went well which was mixed with some push-ups, sit-ups, and many other exercises. The yoga session was very fun and quite relaxing, I truly needed the stretches. 20 minutes or so later I grabbed Pugsley and we went for another 1.5 mile run. Pugsley was getting tired, we were gonna do another 3 miles together however he wanted to go back soon so I took him back for his morning nap and went right back out for another mile run. I took a quick 30 minute break while tending to some work things and went right back out for yet another mile run.

After my last run, I came in and got cleaned up, shower, and a quick snack followed by several bottled waters. Right after my snack I immediately noticed that I was dozing off trying to have a conversation with Annika; I wasn’t functioning. I began checking all of my messages and work tasks to make sure all was good and started to nice that I was losing time, I was doing work while passing out every few seconds. I decided it was time for a nap so I went to my bedroom as Pugsley and Lilith followed me right up to my pillow and several hours later I woke to find that I couldn’t move my legs without pain, I had no strength to do anything so I continued to nap longer.

4 hours of sleep later I was able to get up from the bed and I am now feeling the workouts from the last few days in full. It’s a great feeling to feel like this cause it’s my body telling me to rest however it is also telling me that I’ve reached a point of that I need to get passed. I’m maxed out and I need to rest and then come back to this point with working out and push a little further the next time, progression. Also, I’ve lost almost 7 pounds over the last few days, hehe; more to come.

So that’s the last two days of fitness and tomorrow is right around the corning. Annika and I will go through our routines each day together and slowly get stronger and more fit towards our personal life goals. Many thanks to our supporters for all of the support. Now it’s time to prepare for this day to end so that we may get back onto our roller-coaster or muscle pains, lol. Oh and by the way, the munchkins are doing amazing! Pugsley and Lilith no longer sleep in their crates at night as they’ve earned their way to the bed. We reward them all the time when they are doing good and since they don’t cause any troubles at night and are on the same sleep schedule as us, things are going great. Also we all workout together, Pugsley runs with us and he loves to do yoga too. Lilith she runs around the bedroom which is her personal workout room during the day. She loves bird watching as she has a window by her cat condo where several birds chill every morning teasing her all day. Life is good, even through the ignorance that we’ve been having to endure the last few months. Life is good.

Hugs everyone and thanks for keeping up with our life and adventures, have a wonderful day and I am look forward to sharing more soon.

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