We’re taking a much needed vacation

For those who have been keeping up with us, we have some updates. Basically this year has become a copy of last year and once again Annika and I have our house back to ourselves and are in the process of cleaning up the mess from it all. Once again we gave our son help and once again, well it was the same thing all over again. Over the last few days Annika and I have been throwing out as many as 9 bags of trash out of the room we used to happily know as our Gym until it was turned into a bedroom filled with needles, trash, it was gross. Now we’re working on putting our gym back and have finally made the the decision never allow another long visit from anyone as long as we’re alive. So yes, we need a vacation.

The last 4 months have been a continuous roller-coaster as we based every daily activity on if we were able to sleep and if the morning would be worth the air to breathe. It has been extremely stressful and a few days ago it hit it’s peak when we had to help recover a stolen vehicle and send our son out of our house once again, and for the last time.

Annika and I started focusing on the positive things that come from once again having our home back to ourselves, there’s a huge list of positive. The first thing is we will be able to start putting back the tons of funds that we’ve went through this year and last that were invested into the headache of our son living with us both times. For two years in a row we missed out on buying our new bikes due to the continuous cost of picking up after someone who make good decisions let alone carry themselves. Yes, it’s been a nightmare. The second thing, we can have our gym back and go forward on plans that we’ve been working towards for years. The third thing, we can finally make plans and actually have nothing interfere with them.

So on that note, we’re taking a vacation. This week starting today, we’re still at work however our focus is to get the gym cleaned and start to get our materials to redesign the area. We will also be fixing some things up around the house which includes automating our house. We picked up the Ring with Peephole, a several Phillips Hue color lights for Alexa, the Alexa Show, and not too long ago we’d already automated our television and a few other things to go with the many Alexa dots in our home. I’m reinstalling our automated vacuum today. Through this week we will be busy getting things in our home back to our version of normal while enjoying the peace and quiet. Next week, we’re heading out for a few days of enjoyment in Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona, and a bit more. We’re excited about this as it was one of the vacations that we were gonna take months ago. Annika has already established the order of her new bike which hasn’t been released yet, she picked a 2021 Trek. Once this bike is available for purchase, Dave (our bike guy) will order it. On the bike front, my bike derailleur cables were installed the other day as planned, DuraAce woohoo.

So yes, life for us can finally go back to forward motion and we can once again realistically be smiling again. So it’s time to get the day started, Annika and I have finished our 3 mile run with Pugsley; it’s gonna be a fun day. Have a great day everyone and many thanks to our site subscribers for the support.

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