Getting our gym organized and preparing for vacation

If you’ve read yesterdays article then you’d know we’re preparing for a nice chill vacation in Jerome, Cottonwood, and of course Sedona; by far it’s our favorite areas to enjoy. Last year we took Pugsley for his first hiking adventure with us there so this year we’re going again. Lilith is being boarded as she doesn’t like outside very much so we have her a nice resort to relax and be spoiled while we’re away.

Pugsley posing for photo at Sunset Point
Pugsley posing for photo at Sunset Point

Pugsley loves to go for long walks, runs, and of course hiking. The moment we grab out hiking bag he immediately gets excited and pants as we start to get ready. It has literally been almost a year as the last time was August 16th 2019, haha.

Yesterday was a big focus on getting our gym set back up and I had so much fun doing so. The Peloton and the BowFlex are already setup and the padded floor had been placed back down. It took a lot of scrubbing to clean the gym yesterday and a lot of the flooring and floor are still soaking from the 4 months use by our son. We are debating maybe either painting the gym or having some wall art done later down the road. We’ve also got plans for new windows and security bars in the up and coming upgrades. Not only have we been setting up the gym, we’ve also been automating our home. Yesterday we added some Phillips Hue’s lights to each of the rooms in our home so now we have a different color lit up in each area, they’re all controlled by Alexa. We’re looking into maybe some automated blinds to raise and lower based on when we’re awake and when we’re not.

We’re still working out daily also. We have just not made an official post on our Fitness Blog category yet. We’ve also not been too focused on tracking the workouts since Garmin has been working on their outage. Most of the planet are complaining about while the bogus news sites are writing lies and spreading rumors about it all. Us, we’re simply waiting it out as Garmin isn’t like Facebook, for example: Facebook rips people off and the people say “Thank You”; fuck Facebook. Garmin has always been dependable, they are simply dealing with some issues while the world media are putting out full blown bullshit stories about what took place followed by a sentence at the end that say, “none of this information has been verified”; what a bunch of douche-bags. One day the media will be penalized for the shit they cause on this planet. But yeah, we’re still working out and focused on our fitness and health. Annika and I do a lot of running, walking, weight training, yoga, and of course cycling. We’re merely taking a breather from our bike till we get back from our vacation to allow Garmin time to take care of the things they need to and so that we can focus on getting things cleaned up from the mess our son made when he was here.

This morning started very well with some coffee, right at 3 miles of running with Annika and Pugsley. Lilith started her cuddling which of course turned into wrestling and biting. The music is streaming peacefully with very nice relaxing colored lighting while we enjoy this morning together while sharing with you. The focus of today is to spend more time working on the gym while doing some workouts too. A bit of yoga, some more running, and maybe help a neighbor or two.

On that note, it’s time to get things going forward. Many thanks to our site subscribers, have an epic day and we will post more later.

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