After our vacation, it’s bike, bike, bike

Counting down until we leave to head out for Jerome, Cottonwood, and Sedona; we’re so excited as that;s our favorite area in the USA. We’ve certainly needed this vacation however I’m already craving to be on my bike. I’m having my bike fitting done this week so that I can either remove my Specialized saddle to install the factory Contact SLR Forward or the fitting works out and I keep using the Power Arc Pro; I’ve never really liked it from day one.

Once my bike has been adjusted to fit my body and I’m back from our vacation, it’s bike, bike, bike time for me.

I love this song by Peelander-Z “Bike, Bike, Bike”
Be More Mike

Now each time that our son has came to visit us, it messed a lot of things up; now it’s time to recover and get back to enjoying life again without the stress of idiocy. It’d paused us from cycling, hiking, anything that we wanted to do was always interrupted due to our sons drug addiction. Now that he is gone this time we can actually make plans and actually follow through without anything affecting them. My goal this year was to ride a massive amount of miles which was also the same last year and each time this goal was compromised; no I’m going to just ride and do what I can mileage wise and enjoy it.

Stunning Visual | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Stunning Visual | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

I’ve got a few bike rides planned for September and October which are pretty hefty on the miles. In between now and then I’ll be just riding my bike and as long as I enjoy each ride then that’s how many miles I get. In September I am going to pedal 1000 miles to Fight Kids’ Cancer on Great Cycling Challenge. Annika and I also set back up the Peloton and we both have Zwift accounts too, so we will be able to ride as often as we want rain or shine.

one of my adventure bike rides on the beeline highway

I love to ride my bike, I dream about it, I can’t stop thinking about it. So many things has come in between my bike and I this year and last however it didn’t make me feel any differently about riding. I merely decided to not let myself pedal when angry or on edge so that cycling wouldn’t be something that I didn’t want to do. I remember when I used to wake my wife and myself during my sleep as we’d find me pedaling in my sleep, it shook the bed a lot lol. Now we have a larger bed and it doesn’t move either so I can pedal in my sleep all that I want to.

another adventure bike ride on the beeline highway
about to climb back up

All of the videos above are my happiness with adventure cycling. I cannot explain the feeling or exactly what it is that makes me enjoy it so much and miss it when I’m not riding. I can only say that the scenery is one of my favorite things about cycling, then of course the freedom to ride wherever. The thinking time helps to keep me a calmer person, when I’m not riding or cycling has been on pause I get very edgy. So okay, so yeah, I love adventure cycling and I can go on and on about that however it’s making me want to ride now , haha.

So for now that’s it. I’ll post again tomorrow but right now I’m going to go into the gym and wash my bike. Have an epic day and thanks so much for the support, hope you like the videos.

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