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MattyAndAnnika represents a husband and wife that spend every day living life and making the best of it. Both Matty and Annika enjoy riding bikes, hiking, snowboarding, and many other interests.

When these two were younger, of course, they were very active in freestyling bikes, skateboarding, surfing, you name it and now that they’ve gotten older they’ve renewed their happiness in bikes on a whole new level. In August 2017 this fun loving couple started riding bikes for the first time in their adult lives and haven’t stopped since. These two have gotten more and more active by the day with goals of riding, hiking, bikepacking and snowboarding their entire home state (Arizona).

These two may one-day cross country by bike and/or hike however if these two only spend their lives exploring Arizona to it’s fullest then they are happy beyond belief.

When these two aren’t riding they have many other activities they enjoy. MattyAndAnnika has interest in off-grid living, growing their own food in their own garden, simply making the best of life together with as minimal of a footprint as they can.

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