About MattyAndAnnika

MattyAndAnnika represents a husband and wife that spend every day living life and making the best of it. Both Matty and Annika enjoy riding bikes, snowboarding, and much other interests. Annika’s schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of bike riding at the moment but when her schedule changes she will be out riding with Matty as well. Matty rides all the time and has goals to cross country and much more.

When these two were younger, of course, they were very active in freestyling bikes, skateboarding, surfing, you name it and now that they’ve gotten older they’ve renewed their happiness in bikes on a whole new level. In August 2017 this fun loving couple started riding bikes for the first time in their adult lives and haven’t stopped since. Matty has ridden over 6400 miles between a road bike and mountain bike with 5 century (100 miles) rides on his hardtail Giant ATX mountain bike. Matty has ridden close to 4,000 miles on his road bike as of today’s date (October 27th, 2018).

Ironman interest came about so MattyAndAnnika started working hard and pushing more each day with riding, walking, and living healthier, though when Matty watched “Inspired to Ride” he found his true calling in cycling. These two are not the Tour de France type cyclist, they’re endurance and self-supported cyclist, so Ironman may just be a thing of the past or a back burner interest. Daily the goal with MattyAndAnnika is to push their physical boundaries to ride further and more, Matty is currently training to do the Trans American Bike Path and is working towards being able to ride 14-16 hours a day to prepare; every day is one step closer.

When these two aren’t riding they’re working on better living, growing their own garden and planning on minimalizing life to nothing but happiness.

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