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MattyAndAnnika represents a husband and wife that spend every day living life and making the best of it. Both Matty and Annika enjoy riding bikes, hiking, snowboarding, and many other interests. These two spend each day as if it were an adventure, making the best of every moment together with their families, friends, and their adoring munchkins (pets).

Daily here on MattyAndAnnika.Life you will find a new post that shares another day of their lives. These posts may vary from cycling, gaming, to a simple update on their day to day or an adventure their munchkins had. Life is about enjoyment and that’s what these two are about and their journey to enjoy it will be shared here all the time.

Meet the Munchkins

Photography by MattyAndAnnika
Marley passed away on June 2nd, 2019, she was and will always be our baby. Photography by MattyAndAnnika
Pugsley loves to lay in the shade
Pugsley is our Pomsky puppy, he was born April 9th 2019. We adopted Pugsley after we found out his mother was a Pomeranian who looked exactly like Marley. When we went to see him we couldn’t say no. Pugsley is happily being spoiled by us daily.
Lilith visits the vet | Adventures of Marley and Lilith | MattyAndAnnika
Lilith is our fun-loving kitten who has the same birthday at Pugsley. The two get along like brother and sister and they play constantly. This spoiled rotten little fart tart brings us joy daily.

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