Welcome to our Bucket List!

Annika and I have many things that we want to accomplish while we’re still stuck on this planet, most of them have to do with adventuring. Now this page is a work in progress so we will be adding to as we feel the need, so check back often.

Our Desert Garden
Our Desert Garden

Right now here is what we have so far that we want to do.

  • Grow an edible tomato in Arizona – now this may seem easy but so far it hasn’t been. We had set up an awesome little garden here on our patio and between the landscapers and the sprinkler system, the condos grass gets over watered and flies tend to eat everything. If they don’t water as often as they do then all of the grass will die out.
  • Learn to can vegetables – Annika and I have always had an interest in learning to can, we’ve just not quite had the time.
  • Bike to Seattle and Back – Annika and I want to ride our bikes everywhere, however riding our bikes to Seatle and back would just be a fun trip.
  • Have breakfast in bed with Annika – We’ve not had the time to do this due to our crazy schedules.
  • Hike 50 miles together in a single hike – the longest single hike Annika and I have done was 7 miles.
  • On Point Future Living – This is a project Annika and I have been working on, sort of smart living versus off-grid lifestyle.
  • Ride 100,000 miles on a bike – I (Matty) hope to be able to ride this many miles minimum while I’m on this planet.
  • Make our own soap together – Annika and I are working on learning to make and design our own soap, lotions, candles and more.
  • Hand Make a pizza from scratch with Annika we’ve joked about this but now want to do it; haha. (Accomplished December 1st, 2019)
  • Ride my bike 25,000 in a 12 month period – I had planned on riding 25,000 miles in a single year. The goal was to do this in 2019 however sadly enough too many obstacles got in the way. I used to have a project page for this, I’ll recreate one for next year.
  • Ride a Century Together just Annika and me
  • Ride a Double century either by myself or with Annika
  • Run a Marathon – I’d like to run often however I have bad knees for running, so this is a good goal.
  • have 30 days straight without any pain during that time it is very difficult to make it through one day without some sort of pain, 30 days would be epic.
  • Bike every city in Arizona – We’re working on this goal daily.
  • Cross Arizona by Bike – This goal I’m working on doing in October.
  • Bikepack the Arizona Trail
  • Spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful woman in the world – This item is in progress as I (Matty) am with the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • I (matty) would like to stitch a blanket with items from our travels.
  • Attend a Cirque Du Soleil concert – bought tickets for Cirque Du Soleil for Feb 21st, 2020 OVO
  • Buy a bottle of Maynard’s wine made the year that Annika and I got together.
  • Run a 5k together
  • Run a 10k together
  • Finish an Ironman event together in 2025
  • Learn to use a sewing machine and make a few fun crafts
  • 3D print some funs stuff

The Above Bucket List is just some of the things we’ve added so far, we will be adding or removing items as Life goes forward. We hope you enjoy keeping up with our progress.

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