25,000 miles on a bike for 2019

The Plan:

On January 1st, 2019 I will start riding my bike every day, a minimal amount of 70 miles each day. On some day I may ride more depending on how I’m feeling, however, the whole goal is to ride 25,000 miles in the 12 months of 2019 if I get more miles then cool.

Friends have already started asking me “where are you going?”, my response is”I’m simply riding my bike”. I’ve got one goal set up to see every city in Arizona and I love my state so during this 25,000-mile goal I’ll be certainly seeing every city in Arizona. Some days I will be bikepacking, meaning camping or sleeping out under the stars; this depends on how far out I am and where I’m going to next. I plan to take a lot of photos and video with our GoPro Hero 7 so that I can document the epic travels on our YouTube Channel. I will also be keeping up our weekly Podcast and an article each day here on our website, even if it is just to check in. Patreon Supporters (select levels) will have full access to watch my location via my Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker.

This project will combine the following other plans in progress:

Why am I doing this?:

I want to do this as a personal challenge to see if I can do it while enjoying the amazing outdoors. 70 miles a day doesn’t seem like a lot until you’ve tried. It took a long time to reach 480 miles in a single week but I did reach that goal, however, the hardest part to me was keeping up with everything else that goes on in our lives while doing the goal too.

The Concerns:

I ride a lot on my bike and it can get very costly for repairs. Every few weeks my bike needs adjustments such as:

  • new tires and/or tubes
  • bottom bracket serviced
  • new chains
  • new cassettes
  • the chainring is an up and coming item to replace

Not only does my bike continuously have needs to be able to keep rolling out this type of mileage, but I also need to stay stocked up on supplies such as:

  • water and food
  • camping basic needs
  • clothing for all temperatures

I’ve been learning to do the maintenance on my bike so I can cover a lot of issues from the road, I can also hold up with very minimal items.

My biggest concern is that I’ve never attempted such a challenge but I am going to take it on and accomplish it.

The Support:

Right now the only support I have to do this is my wife and the awesome Patreon Supporters. If you’d like to support or become a sponsor for this challenge you may choose one of the following.

Other Info:

I will add to this project as information is available. At this time I’m currently riding every day to get my body ready for such a challenge.

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