Beeline Madness | Ultra Endurance Cycling | A route to ride by MattyAndAnnika

We’re working on some massive bike rides, well not rides like crossing states but something that is for the crazies. We’re working on setting up bike rides that are none stop rides which means start and don’t stop until you get to the finish line.

Now, of course, you can stop if you like during a ride as it is all up to the individual rider, however, every ride that we plan has a shutdown time which means you have to be done before the time is out. Some of the rides that we are working on are a simple 100-mile ride but the route has so many major climbs that it can take 20 hours to do it. One of the rides that we’re focusing a lot of our attention on is approximately 310 miles and it takes between 36-40 hours to complete.

The area of choice for our ride events are the Beeline area, I personally have ridden it a lot and see a lot of benefit for riding as well as it has some real endurance value, not to mention some amazing scenery. Every route that we put together will have specific information, details, and rules regarding the routes and after a rider completes one of our rides they will get a patch to show completion and all of the times will be kept on our website to document it all.

Every time we announce a “Beeline Madness” ride which will allow riders to register to ride, this means I personally have researched every inch of the route before putting the event together. We’ve been working on some of the up and coming Beeline Madness Races since December of 2017 and we plan to start getting everything ready for the public as soon as possible.

More news as things come to light, if you have interest in some of the future rides be sure to follow our blog.

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