Echo Coffee to Tucson and Back | 241 Miles | 21 Hours of riding

Okay so this is one of the rides in which I’d like to get rolling right away, it’s only 20 hours of pedaling and only 241 miles. My plan is to do this in a single ride leave out extremely early in the morning to avoid a lot of traffic leaving out in hopes that when we’re coming back it’s nice and peaceful.

Time and date are below if you have an interest in being involved with this ride feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Here is the map

I plan to leave out (Date Changing til Spring due to bike repairs and gear shortage – Details soon), just like the #BeeLine200 all are welcome and all are fully responsible for themselves. This is about having fun riding distances they’re no prices when we are done.

Note to our Patreon supporters that are $5.00 a month or more, you will be sent a Spot GPS tracking link so that you may dotwatch while we ride.

I will work more on this project as we have the time or information. Wanna support what we’re doing? Go to our Patreon Page and become a Patron today, every little bit helps.

Important Information:

  • There are no prizes at the end and this isnt a race.
  • There is no support and all riders take full responsibility for themselves.
  • You can ride at your own pace, ride with a friend all the way, or go as fast or as slow as you like; you don’t have to wait for anyone if you don’t want to.
  • Stay hydrated, have fun, and be safe.
  • All rides that we put together are for enjoyment and just that.

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