October 20th, 2018 | Bike Ride to Tonto National Monument from Bike Barn

On October 20th, 2018 I am going for a long 210-mile ride from Bike Barn of Phoenix Arizona to the Tonto National Monument and back. Riders who would like to enjoy this ride with me are welcome to contact us here to get their name added. All riders of this ride will be displayed below including their Strava link.

At 5am MST we will leave out from Bike Barn on a planned route and pedal to the Tonto National Monument and back with one goal in mind, be back at Bike Barn in 30 hours or less. This isn’t a race but all are welcome to ride as fast as they want, I, however, will be pacing myself in the ride for enjoyment at an average speed of 15-20mph. This route is an amazing route that we have been riding in our car for a bit to look the roads over and plan it out safely, and it has a lot of climbing which the can slow us to as little as 3 mph. Our goal in doing this ride is for simple enjoyment and doing such a ride in a small fun group makes it safer and more fun.


I’ve ridden a good portion of this route by bike and I am aware of the basics needed to have on hand between certain distances for a more comfortable ride such as water. I’ve ridden to the mile marker 210 on the Beeline Highway and back, it was 87 miles and the water I had was:

  • One water bladder in backpack holding 64oz of water (4 bottled waters)
  • 2 water bottles on my bike which in total holds 48 ounces of water (3 bottled waters)

MattyAndAnnika | Bike Ride on the Beeline Highway

That much water is what it took me to make it to and from in that distance. During this trip, however, once we pass the Chevron on N. FortMcDowell Rd there aren’t many places to fill up water until we get to Highway 188 at Jakes Corner Store. The reason for this mention is so that everyone that goes knows to be sure to fill up and be prepared, stay hydrated. Jake’s Corner serves food and says anytime we ride through he will make sure to keep some warm food on just in case. Also, Strava GPS does work out on this ride but…. cell signal is dead in some areas for about 10 miles. Riding back which will be at night wear reflective clothes and the brightest of road bike lights, grouping together would be a great idea as well.

More to come as I have the information so be sure to check back at this page. Riders will be listed below, for those who want to ride contact me. Let’s have an awesome ride.

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List of Riders:


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Link to see the Ride Route and read more updates:

What do you get from riding this ride? An awesome adventure with likeminded people and your name and strava link listed on this page.

  • Anyone can ride with us however ALL RIDERS are fully responsible for themselves.
  • Google states the ride can take 27 hours, the goal is to do the full ride in less than 30 hours.
  • Take plenty of water and be mindful of your surroundings at all times.

Here are some videos from riding in our car as well as on my bike while planning this route.











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