Welcome to our Projects Page

We love to do a lot of things and some times we have to set things to one side while we work on or complete one of them; either way, we always get back to each project as we have the time.

For the time Annika and I have on Earth we have every interest in making the best of it and exploring any and all things that we enjoy. This is where this Projects Page comes in handy for us as well as anyone who is keeping up with what we’re up to. Below you will find a very crazy list of current projects as well as projects that are in the works or coming in the near future. Each item will have a Project Page of it’s on so you can keep track of the progress of that item, this can take a long time; haha.

Current and Future Projects

  • Ride our bike to every city and town in Arizona.
  • Bike across Arizona west to east or east to west.
  • Bike across Arizona north to south or south to north.
  • Learn to make our own soap and have it available in our shop.
  • Gym and Bike Room Remodel.
  • Garden Project
  • Scrapbook Project
  • Podcast Project
  • Learn to make candles and incense and make them available in our shop.
  • #AZBIKENHIKE – We have some things going on with this project that will be epic however we cannot share the details until some things are finalized; details soon as we can.
  • Setup screenprint Office
  • Bikepacking and Travel mods for the car
  • Fix Movie Server – Task completed, took 2 days to get er done. 08/08/19 – 08/10/19

More to come as I have the time to work on this page.