Need a Website Admin?

Hi, My name is Matty. I’m a very well skilled software and server-side developer however over the years I’ve seen a pattern with many site owners that I feel I can help assist with. WordPress is one of my favorite platforms as it is used throughout the world by almost everyone who has websites. I know this platform inside and out and over the years has helped many clients keep their running or build them from the ground up. The biggest thing that I’ve run into are site owners needing someone that they can count on and trust to tend to those updates and fixes when something goes horribly wrong, this is where I come in.

I’ve decided to offer a simple service to help with that. For $50.00 a month I will keep an eye on your website by logging in a few times a week to make sure updates are done and fix anything that the updates break. If I see anything that can be a problem I will contact you (the site owner) via email to make you aware of any concerns so that we can come to an agreement with what needs to happen in order to fix. Standard fixes such as when updates cause something to break is included in these monthly updates per the monthly subscription. If while you ‘re a subscriber needs any additional help with your site such as customizing things we can work it out together.

My goal is to work with you (the site owner) one on one and not to have you stuck with an automated setting. Sometimes a site owner needs someone with actual answers that they can reach any time of need, that’s me. So if my simple monthly subscription fits what you are in need of, select it and I will contact you the moment I receive an email so that I may get the credentials to get started. Have an epic day and thanks for your time and consideration.

Here are some screenshots of past testimonials.

If you decide to subscribe, once I receive confirmation of your subscription I will contact you via your email address, you may also drop a message on the contact page if you haven’t gotten a reply within 1 hour. I tend to reply to all emails within an hour’s time at the latest. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Other Services

I also offer custom coding for websites, aside from the monthly subscription for a WordPress Admin which is listed above. Until I have time to complete this section, feel free to contact me via the contact page for other software, app, or website development questions.

More services will be listed below, we’re currently working on these pages.