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We used to stream on Twitch, we also had a Patreon page, in the past we also had a Podcast page; over time we’ve grown tired of asking our supporters and followers to go from one platform to another to keep up with us when we do everything right here.

If you were a Patreon supporter or a Twitch Subscriber and you supported, or still support what we’re doing and want to continue being a helping subscriber; we’ve setup Subscription options below. We do a ton of things however our biggest enjoyment and goals are right here on our website. When we were streaming on Twitch, it took so much time away from working on real world plans and goals that we have here, so we simplified it.

Many hugs to our awesome supporters around the world and we hope that with this new Subscriber option that it makes things a bit easier. If you’d like to become a subscriber, please choose your payment option below. In return for your awesome support we will list your name and link to your preferred profile below.

Site Subscribers get access to our Subscriber only Discord Server where we discuss planning for projects and long-distance cycling trips. Site Subscribers also get access to my Spot GPS map to keep up with my whereabouts when I’m out on the road or the trail.

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