WoodBangers Entertainment

WoodBangers Entertainment used to have a full-blown, super-sized internet community; sort of like Facebook but without the horrible people, spam, and privacy violated. We at WoodBangers Entertainment were slammed with covering news and reviews for the music industry, gaming industry, film industry and much more within the entertainment world. We were also and have always been, software developers, server-side specialists, game and app developers, accredited film/music/game critics with IMDb and many others.

WoodBangers Entertainment
WoodBangers Entertainment

Over the years having WoodBangers Entertainment as a public entity (social media website), we decided to go back into the quiet side of the entertainment and coding world. We are still available for hire for projects and still do all of which we have always done; other than being a website and an internet community. We do spend days talking about bringing the community site back, however, it was super expensive to run and extremely time-consuming.

WoodBangers Entertainment is still here, however, we are only available for clients as a company. Besides when we’re not working with clients we only have time for fun and adventure riding bikes and more here at MattyAndAnnika.Life. If you’re seeking us to consider a project, you may contact us on the contact page or through proper channels such as LinkedIn.


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